Since 1975.

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The gas turbine factory was founded in 1975 with a principal production programme of manufacturing rotor and stator parts and circuits for jet engines.

In 1981 the factory adopted the technology of precision blade forging becoming the only producer of its kind outside EU countries. Its technology is based on The Rolls Royce company's licence.

In 1982 the company adopted the production of centrifugal compressors for tank motors, and in 1985 it began producing rotor compressors for helicopter TV 2 and Astazou gas turbine.

In 1991 the company took on the production of axial compressors for the NK12St and NK14St stationary gas turbine, necessary for the transport of gas on Russian gas lines.

In 1996 the company developed a partnership with the CFM-i corporation regarding the fabrication of CFM 56 motor parts used in civilian aviation.

In order to carry out demanding process operations, we are equipped with equipment amongst which some parts are unique to the national engineering industry (e.g. the NC broaching machine for turbine disk slots, the CNC 5-axis grinding machines with 0,008 mm accuracy, the CNC 5-axis for simultaneously milling machines ...).

Product quality is checked in our well-equipped measuring laboratory, chemical laboratory and metallurgical laboratory.

The factory is in possession of EN 9100:2018 (TECHNICALLY EQUIVALENT TO AS9100 D AND JIS Q 9100:2016) Standard.

The gas turbine factory has been a 100 % private company since 2003.

Main products or services:

Tvornica plinskih turbina d.o.o. main products are rotating parts for jet engines, gas turbines and other parts of gas turbines.

Factory property:

The factory possesses around 20,482 m2 of land from which 7,051 m2 includes its production and business premises.

The number of permanently employed:

60 employees


Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.
IBAN: HR2623400091110095212

Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
IBAN: HR8724020061100899671



Tvornica plinskih turbina Ltd.

Mala Švarča 195

47 000 Karlovac


General manager

Bojan Polojac

Tel: +385 47 434 062


MBS: 020032559

OIB: 01294344842

Capital: 4,229,191.14€

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